Monday, October 22, 2007

I got kicked outta class today....

First day of school....

had to be there at 9 a.m. arrived at 9 a.m.---this wasn't good for me, I like being a lil bit early....but okay

Had a mini-orientation...again. Read the rules, signed a few documents, etc., etc., etc.,

Just when everyone started sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown, I heard the most angelic voice say, "We've been waiting on you!" To look around, like she wasn't referring to me, would have been I didn't. I smiled and said, "Really? That's pretty cool..."

I didn't have to ask why...already knew why...I told y'all I was self-absorbed and my plans were brilliant. See, my agenda preceded my attendance at the school. They knew I had clear cut goals and my follow-up and follow-through is most areas ;) I'm not perfect...all the time...or even most of the time...but so far, I've been perfect to them because I'm not the usual there. I'm quite abnormal. I have standards and have no qualms about setting them....

My training is being funded through some program I don't even doesn't matter (to me anyway) But in order to obtain the scholarship, I had to jump a few hurdles, roll over a few times, and wag my tail to a T-Pain song. Then I had to get up and do it over again...and I did it flawlessly....effortlessly, without complaint, even smiled about having to do's called 'a process'....'a requirement'...patience

After hearing about how fast I'd breeze through the program, I started my computer applications with ease...nothing hard about the day at all...until 12:30, the instructor kind of slid in a comment about leaving at 1:30


I wasn't planning on leaving until 2...still had one application to finish...after all, I'm trying to complete the whole program early...that's how I do it, you know...

I look at the clock----) 1:15

I tap a few more keys ---) 1:25

I go through a few more pages of things I already know, but don't mind refreshing ----) 1:37

I hear the word KARMA, then look around and I'm the only student left in the with me, I have business to attend to.

The instructor mumbled a few words, so I removed my headphones and asked him to please repeat what he said. This is how it went:

Instructor (looking at the clock): Most people don't take a lunch, so they cut out early
Me: Really? I'm not going to do anything but go home and get on the computer anyway
Instructor: Oh, but I really wanted to leave at 1:30
Me: O.k. So you can't leave until I leave?
Instructor: Well, no. I don't want to bother any of the other instructors cause they have things to do...

(like I don't have things to do)

Oh...let me finish this one part, it'll take a couple of seconds. Is that cool?
Instructor (looking at watch again): That's fine.
Me: You want me to turn the computer off?
Instructor: yeah

I gather my things and walked out of the door, thinking....what the hell was that? Why should I have to leave because he wants to leave? What kind of bush*t is wasn't in the rules that I could leave whenever I wanted, so why should I have to leave when someone else wants me to? The time says 9-2...Funny thing is the instructor doesn't arrive until 10 which means I'm there an entire hour without him...but I can't be there, at the end of the day, for 30 minutes...without him....

This is why I'm so confused at times ... I's only Monday and I done already got kicked outta class...

stay peace



Jennifer C. said... are too old to go to school and get into trouble. Don't make me come to Cleveland. Oh and report him, because his behind needs to stay there he gets paid to be there from 9-2. Sorry excuse for a...never mind. Just report him.

E.R. Carpenter said...

Girl, you betta keep your eye on the prize. Don't give him a reason to stop your end goal, which is to finish the class and use it for a career for you and your family. Play nice and leave at 1:30 if he has any power at all. Otherwise, if it's safe for you, get him in trouble.

Be careful what you blog too. He might find your blog if he Googles you.

Poetic Genesis said...

naaa, I can't snitch him that's not my style

yeah, the prize is the bottom line so I have to stay focused...and I did good today...I left at 1:30...without him asking ;)

and I also deleted a few parts...wouldn't want him to see my

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