Friday, June 3, 2011


I've teeter-tottered on whether or not I'd write this for...YEARS! But my how the time flies and things don't change. So I'm just gonna write it, gosh darnit.


There, I said (wrote) it. It's out. I'm sick and tired of people giving me their opinions when I didn't ask for them. It's different when I say, "hey, this is what I'm going through," and then an opinion follows. But when you just downright come out the side of your neck to tell me to do something about MY life, then you just opened the flood gates for my Aquarian ways. Honeys, sarcasm is a second skin on me and just because it's funny, doesn't mean I don't mean it. :) I'm sure I'm not alone. People who mind my business because they feel they can, irk the hell outta me. People who ASSUME I value their unsolicited opinions makes me feel like someone just gave me a wedgie...and no one likes those. The only thing those opinions make me do is stay away from you...cause obviously you don't know jack about me.

Now, nothing has happened of late because I'm in great company. But it has taken a while to get here and before anyone crosses that line again, I wanted this to be known. Everybody has a pet peeve and this is my second. I won't even get into my first because I'm an air sign and sometimes I just don't make sense to people.

And if you're wondering, I don't give an opinion if I am not asked specifically. And actually, if I'm asked specifically, I'm gonna tell you to do what you feel you must do because I'm aware that I don't know ALL of the situation to make a very informed opinion on it. That's just me...take me as I am...flaws and all. :0)

Stay peace!

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