Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Come on people....

I'm surfing the net when I should be completing my outline for my next novel, but what is a writer without distraction? Unheard of, that's what it is. So I stumbled upon a little celebrity news that had me scratching my head, laughing, and down right puzzled me. What do you think about these?

Verne Troyer, the infamous Mini Me of the Austin Powers series, apparently had a sex tape stolen from him. He is suing (for $20 MIL *cough*) for publishing it on their website. Now Ion know about you, but WHY would I want to see such a tape. Well, I'm guessing little people sex would pique the curiosity of some, but I have to be honest and say that all it could do is make me snicker and I know that ain't right.

HERE is the complete article

Next up...

Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana star, took this picture for Vanity Fair. The 15 year old is hurt that everyone is so critical of this 'mistake'. Stating to Billboard...

"I don't think people will look at me any differently, because they're like, 'You know what, I'm going to do stupid stuff too, and I'm going to make mistakes, and that's fine,'"

"It still hurts when I think about it – but you know what, it doesn't mean that you can't move on."

Ion know Hannah, I mean are only 15. I'm all for keeping clothing ON kids.

HERE is the article


Now what could Erykah Badu possibly have done? It's alleged that she announced on her myspace page that she is going to start selling rolling papers...yeah the kind you put the sticky icky in (marijuana for all those hoodlinguistic challenged what that isn't a word!) What she do is damn sure her beeswax, but I don't think endorsing the use of drugs is the way to go. But Snoop (and many others) have done it for years....

is the article (but this is a gossip site FOR REAL)

NEXT... no, Shaq. This freestyle, caught on tape, cost Shaq a few lawman badges. Now...I watched it and even beyond the fact that Shaq's freestyle game is wiggity, wiggity wack (this from a Shaq fan for life), he dropped the N bomb in public and topped it off with this line

Now that's the difference between first and last place... Kobe (expletive) tell me how my ass taste

in which he repeated the ass line 7 times...yes, I counted.

Wanna see for yourself? Click HERE

So now it's time for me to say goodbye...I must get back to my outline.

Stay peace


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mommy News

The last two weeks have been full of emotional things for me. Here are a few of my highest-highs.

My daughter, left, and my sister, right, are officially high school students. Their eighth grade promotion was last week and they are very excited about going to the big

I had on 4in wedges because I wasn't gonna let these lil kids just tower over me like that! My sister is actually taller than I am.

These are my men-children and we were attending my eldest son's kindergarten promotion. I don't think my youngest liked that he wasn't the center of attention. My baby received all of the honors; perfect attendance, citizenship, most outstanding student, and honor roll. Those are the four pinned to him (the green one is hiding, trust me there are His paper awards were numerous as well, but I won't get into that.

Did I mention he was killing 'em in his oatmeal linen suit? Give my baby a crowd to speak in front of any

My husband was given the Very Important Parent award. Did I feel cheated after all the fundraisers and events I've been a part of? Nope. I was proud to have my man standing there among all of the mothers. Real fathers deserve to get their shine on too!

The lady that I circled in the pic was my daughter's kindergarten teacher years ago

What recent mommy or daddy news would you like to share?

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I remember walking down the alleyway while listening to my AM/FM, cassette deck thingamajiggy. My head bopping to whatever was on the radio at the time. Probably LL Cool J or Janet Jackson...something popular in 1987. The sun was beaming on my fresh press and curl and sweat rolled down my back. I waved at the little, caramel old lady sitting on the porch watching her special needs grandson play. They always seemed to be out when I walked to the store. Deciding I'd take the back entrance into the store's parking lot, I heard the deejay on 93.1 (WZAK) solemnly announce that Scott La Rock had been shot and killed.

KRS-ONE, D Nice, & Scott La Rock (BDP)

My eleven year-old mind couldn't wrap itself around the concept of Scott La Rock no longer being a part of B(oogie) D(own) P(roductions), much less no longer living. Even though I had experienced the death of my father only six years prior, I still didn't understand this death thing. Scott was shot. And so was my father.

At this time, I thought everyone died by being shot.

Share with me the first musician's death you remember and how it impacted your thoughts on the world at the time.

Here's a list to prompt your memory...

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