Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's been ages...

I'm such a horrible blog owner...haven't blogged since 2011 and I have no good reason for it.  I have tons to blog about...at least I think I do until it's actually time to do it.  That's when I tinker out, cross it out, or say forget it...maybe it's because I never seem to have any direction for this place.  Do I want to vent?  Share creative stuff?  Gossip?  I'on know and for some reason I think I should know....

Well, today I just don't care.  I'm going to post as my mind wanders...let you inside this Aquarian mind but you must promise that we will remain friends afterwards.  And you have to look me in the eyes and say it like this: "We are still friends and you are not crazy."  Verbatim....yeah  :) 

Scrolling through my mental LONG to-do list, I thought back to the good ole days...the days of this:

Well, back in the days we use to have them folded and pinned to the back of our shirts.  There was NO way a teacher would miss that and not a chance of a kid forgetting.....I SOOOOO want to pin a note to one of my kids shirts just to say I did it.  And they can say they experienced it.


Am I the only one who secretly wishes I can walk into Dave & Busters and play this:

Now say I'm the only one and I will slap you through this screen!  LOL  I can't be...even a little piece of you wished you could play it when you saw this picture.  I'm sure of it.  I see they just released an original version for one of the million systems out and you better believe where there's a will, there's a way...that doesn't involve doing anything irresponsible, but I will get it and the kids and hubby will hate me for it.  :)

Since we're on games temporarily,  am I the only one that still plays this:

You ain't gotta lie, Craig.  You ain't gotta lie!  I play this on the wii and I'm still in love with it.  And before anybody says something about pacman, I got that too!  But you can still get your pacman on practically anywhere nowadays.

On to the next thing...FACEBOOK

Whew...I can do a whole series on FB.  But I'll start and end this one with FB Felons  :)  Really, just 3 questions if anyone can answer them, more power to 'em.

1.  Why do you post pics of yourself smoking weed?
2.  Why do you advertise boosting services?
3.  Why didn't you believe me when I sent you a message saying you were this weeks wanted criminal and sent you a picture of your mugshot that was posted on their page?

You still love me, right? 

Stay peace :)

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