Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 NaNoWriMo Winner!

Yeah... I did it! There is no other feeling like finishing something that is grueling, challenging, and to some... crazy.

I completed my 50K words last night and I feel so liberated. The intensity of what I feel is better than it was when I participated in NaNoWriMo the first time; 2006. I knew what I was going into this time and still made it out... ALIVE. A little sleep deprived but I'm living, and breathing, and thanking the high heavens that it is now over!

Yes, you read correctly... I am ELATED that it is over!!! It is a hard task to add another item on my daily to-do list when November rolls around. N
ot to mention the -itis I get because of all the Thanksgiving food and birthday cake I eat each year at this time. Then old man winter rolls his head my way making me less excited about most things.

Well... here is my thingy to make it official

Now I have 'heard' some interesting things while I was holed up next to my computer. Don't kill me but I haven't had time to research them but they are never-the-less, to me, research worthy.

On ESPN this week it was said that 1 out of every 2 men will develop some form of cancer.

  • Now there are 3 males in my household, my husband and two sons, so at least one of them will develop it
  • Between mine and my mother's household there are six males, so half of them will develop cancer
  • Definitely have to look into this further
I heard on the news last night that Cleveland is the 9th most depressed city in the month of December YET we have more mental health resources then most large cities
  • Could be this cold ass weather we have
  • Could be the sucky job market
  • As someone on the show said... could be The Browns (who happen to be doing very well at this time)
  • Could also be the lack of money to pay for mental health services (Hint! Hint!)
A friend of mine told me that Lady Bugs emit a smell when they feel threatened.
  • I've never smelled on but I get them alot during this time of the year. They happen to like my bathroom color. Seems as though they find white appealing or like the smell of my kids boo- boo
I found out that there is a such thing as NaNoEdMo that takes place in March (2008) where authors sign up to log in 50 hours of editing for the month
  • Are you effing crazy?
  • I'm still editing my manuscript from 2006 NaNoWriMo
  • Chris Baty needs to whip y'all's asses for that, IMO... lol

One more interesting thing I found out was that my mom knows the lyrics to Crank That by Soulja Boy...hmmm and she knows the other versions of the song like Crank That Batman, Crank That Superman, etc. Hell, I didn't even know about those songs...

Real hip-hop, please rescue me...

Okay, just wanted to have a little fun since I don't have to be permanently attached to MS Word until November 2008! Stay peace and see you tomorrow... yes, I'm back BABY!

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