Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doing it with a bang...

I didn't, and still don't, plan to chronicle my school tales each day, but today was just as weird as getting kicked out of class yesterday....

So I finished my applications early and decided to adjust the computer settings back to how they were before I started. Background plain (check) Screen saver: default (check)

I looked into my textbook, you know, to read ahead and...


I jumped from the noise and noticed my computer screen was blank. Then I glanced at the tower and the power light wasn't on....then I smelled smoke....

Oh Hell NAW!!!

I jumped up to inform my instructor, who was working with another student. I tried to be patient, but the burning smell began to get stronger, so I tapped him on the shoulder and alerted him of the issue.

He jumps up, like Super Man, minus the S on his chest, removes all of the cables and high tails it out the door with the computer......it sat in the rain....wow

He then explained that he'd been there 13 years and nothing like that had ever happened. Well...you know what they say about firsts...I'm a trailblazer baby...lol

Needless to say...despite blowing up their computer, I completed my first application (extremely fast) and was given my certificate. He explained how excited he was to have a student go through the application so fast and how he had 'connections' with publishing companies in Cleveland. Even told me he would give them a call to see if they are looking for someone and if not, would I be allowed to do an internship there....BINGO

We discussed my educational goals a little further then he dared me to test out of a few applications; which I did...tested out of beginner and intermediate word but I opted to still go through the intermediate application...for my own benefit. Could have flew straight to advanced, but as it looks now, I'm slated to finish a month and a half ahead of schedule...but I'd still need to attend to obtain the hours. He gave me options for that issue as well...

Ahhh...this chapter, by far, has been the most dramatic....but I like it like that.

Stay peace



Jennifer C. said...

Girl I am proud of you. I thought I needed to come to your neck of the woods for misbehaving, but I see I just need to be there for your acknowledgement ceremony.

Great work! Keep it up!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Go head, girl! Do your dang thing! No wonder the computer blew-up, you are smoking, chica... Don't touch her unless you want to get burned smoking hot!


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