Monday, October 15, 2007


I've learned that all dreams are important. I've also learned that the smallest dreams usually mean the most. While riding, shotgun, to take my husband to work, we talked about our dreams of being millionaires...a la lottery.

See, we only need 8 million dollars...8 million dollars and our entire family will be set...for life

We divied (hood term for divided) up the earnings...

  • $100,000 to our 6 siblings
  • a home and car for our parents
  • college fund for our 7 (yes 7) children
  • a newly constructed home for us, including a separate playhouse for our entertainment
  • our business...the fliest night club in the the country and my computer graphic design company

Whatever is for investment and savings...

I was happy.
At that moment, I was a millionaire. I was worry free, for the time being. Then we arrived at his place of employment...he got out of the car...and so did my dream, temporarily.

I couldn't wait to put this down on paper...or blog...cause while dreaming and researching how dreams become reality...I've learned that you MUST write down your MUST set objectives to reach them...and while I really don't plan to become a millionaire via the lottery (that part is my husband's dream), I DO plan to have millions!

Stay peace



Jennifer C. said...

Yes my dear writing down your goals is the first steps to achieving them. Keep your dreams big and you will have them. For the record only old folks win the lottery, so don't bank on that.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Girl, your post reminded of growing up and my mom playing the lottery. All those dreams she and and in turn we had for when she hit the lottery. :-) It's good to dream and it's even better to make those dreams goals by writing them down and working at making them happen. Great post!


E.R. Carpenter said...

I think the key to dreams is setting ATTAINABLE goals. When my wife plays the lottery, I tell her she might as well flush the money she spent down the toilet but don't think I ain't gettin' my share if she happens to win.

My goal is to get to the point where I don't have to worry about money and my kids can live a better life than I have. Living debt-free is an attainable goal (I try to keep my paid for, older-model car in good running condition so I don't have to worry about making car payments). So is saving 10% of everything I earn (You can accumulate a lot this way!). Getting rich would be nice, even with a touch of fame (as long as I'm not worried about being robbed or kidnapped for ransom all the time).

I'm a dreamer too. I just try to dream realistically.

Shonell Bacon said...

i used to divvy up my millionaire dreams like that, too. it is very important to keep your goals in front of you; sometimes, we get so bogged down with the daily grind that we lose sight of those goals.

Poetic Genesis said...

Only old folks? LOL

Thanks...working on my

Hey my 8 million is attainable...lmao! I agree with the lottery thing though...not the way I'd bank on making it (pun intended, okay so I'm not that funny).

so very true!

Yasmin said...

Great blog...and keep writing down those dreams...speak them into reality!

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