Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mission Accomplished...just call me Jack Bauer!

I can't even call it today...so maybe I'll talk about yesterday...

Yesterday, I purchased my son a grill...yup a grill...these, to be exact

aren't they cute on him?


An argument, between my husband and I, became heated when I decided my son
would have these. Why, you ask.... Because he didn't want the youngster to have them and I did. His reason...because his brother will want a pair as well My reason...it is a toy and my son wanted it. I also explained to him how I will never base my decision to purchase something for one of my kids by how I think one of the other ones may react.

I left it at that...for him anyway

Now, on to my son...

These were the most hideous things I've ever seen, in my life. I can't stand 'real' grills and definitely can't stand fake ones. I knew once my son put them in his mouth, he'd see how ridiculous they look and chuck 'em in the toy box with his other 'non-cool' toys. My hope is for the $1.99 I spent for these, I will have given my son 'my take' on how grills look--silly

I will have, at least to some small degree, altered his perception of these 'hip' grills. When I showed him the picture of himself donning his grill, he thought it was the most hilarious thing....I asked him if he looked like the rappers...

He said 'yes'

*patting self on the back*

Mission accomplished!

stay peace


p.s. just for arguments sake, my daughter hated them=would never be caught dead in them SEE

my youngest has grills of his own...SEE


Jennifer C. said...

Girl that was a new take on reverse psychology. That was hilarious. WOW!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I'm glad it worked out. LOL. Those fake grillz look crazy. But you know whoever came up with them is going to make a whole lot of money. I can just see all the kids now... Next thing you know we'll be hearing about schools banning fake grillz...


RomanticBlues said...

You know you anmd I did not agree about sagging pants before. So if I agree with your husband, will you still like me...lol

I guess I'm old school and would have said, "Because I said no, and that is why you can't have one."

RomanticBlues said...
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Poetic Genesis said...

Yeah, I remember the sagging...lol

I will always like you and yes, what he says goes...with the children but I said yes first...lol

E.R. Carpenter said...

I agree with you on giving him the fake grills because the real ones are just wrong in all kinds of ways. I also agree that children need to learn they can't always have the things their siblings get. I go through with my oldest who is 11 when his one-year old brother gets something. We just tell him he got the same stuff when he was one, and he'll get more things his little brother won't in the future. I imagine my mother must have really gone crazy because there were seven of us.

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