Monday, October 8, 2007



could be my chocolate ability
to liquefy and
meticulously consumes my victim
that causes you to think of me
as you sleep

could be the way your caramel dissolves
just enough to produce moisture
that leaves residuals between
my thighs
from thoughts of you

creating eyelid flutters in anticipation
sweet scents seeping through pores
flesh penetrating flesh
hershey hole devouring milky, honey-yellow caramel
forming puddles in places
yet to be tasted

i'm not afraid
of your caramel cracking
bleeding orgasmic testimony onto
my chocolate covered sheets
where we explored each others flavors

where the firmness
of you
reacted positively to the pliability
of me

where we mingled and moaned ourselves
into a culmination of sheer
oral pleasures

leaving a grin so secretive
it tells on itself

even before it begins
I'm wondering
when will the warmth of your
caramel-from the friction we create-
lead me to melt all over you

stay peace ----)Genesis


Jennifer C. said...

Two sins brought and chocolate.

That is what you are talking about right?

Poetic Genesis said...

actually 3 sins...infidelity

but you got

Gwyneth Bolton said...

That's HOT! I don't know whether to go kiss the hubby or have a piece of chocolate covered caramel... maybe both... :-)

Poetic Genesis said...

Hey both! ;)

and Thanks!

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeelll, makes my mouth water for...well whatever...giggling


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