Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breaking News!

When I was about 12, I remember a woman, in her late 20's, coming to my fight me. She knocked on my mother's front door and when I saw her, I asked her to wait a second by putting my index finger in the air....

Two minutes later I returned to the front door...with a shotgun...(true story)

Today, a 14 year old student took two guns to school and opened fire. There were four people shot...two teachers...two students and possibly one dead...the shooter. They say it may be from a self-inflicted wound. I say it's because no one was there to protect him...from himself.

Violence is taking over my city. Can I blame it on the fact that we are the poorest city in the country...maybe Can I blame it on teachers no longer willing to teach...maybe Can I blame it on teen pregnancy...probably Can I blame it on parents...definitely!

I've watch violence become the new limelight. I've watched kids sell drugs to their friend's parents and their own siblings, but tell their parents to cop from their dudes.

I've walked into schools and witnessed armed security guards taking 'high' students to the front door and unleashing them into the world..alone...where were his parents? Working...maybe At home asleep...maybe Picking him up from school...definitely not!

Is it me, or have we chosen to let law enforcement officials, teachers, and drug dealers parent our children? Have we decided that work supersedes parenting? Have we decided to be blind to what the hell is going on around us because it isn't our problem?

Cleveland, wake the hell up!

Mayor'll be hearing from me Parents...I hope you decide to do your job before violence hits your home...and you become a subject for my blog.

Times have changed since I pulled a piece of steel larger than me on hindsight, I had no respect for life's seems that no one does...especially our youth!

I don't believe we have a future...with kids like these....

stay peace...if that's possible



as I finished was confirmed the 14 year old committed suicide...young white male described as being overall unhappy...may he rest in peace


Jennifer C. said...

Another poor unfortunate soul, with one to talk to or guide him. What will it take? It a terrible thing...fourteen and life was that bleak he feel the need to die. Speechless!

Anonymous said...

I went to that high school... well, it wasn't SuccessTech back then, it was the School of Science. This is just unbelievable to me!


Yasmin said... people my people...I'm speechless. When I get home this evening I will not lay into them regarding what they didn't do. TonightI will just spend sometime connecting with them, talking, discussing, hearing what's on their minds.

Poetic Genesis said...

Unfortunately, it takes more happenings like these to make an impact and propel people into action...even more unfortunate is this will be forgotten by monday

Hey Larissa!
Yeah, it's wild...yup SuccesTech, now ironic

That's the best protection you can provide for your children. I talk about any and everything with each one of mine, even the two year old...
Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but we have to do it and stop leaving it in the hands of strangers..

Shonell Bacon said...

that is so damn sad, *shaking head* violence with young people is so out of control these days...everybody needs to wake up and help to dialogue and deal with this issue...

Gwyneth Bolton said...

This violence does seem to be at an all time high across the country no matter what kind of neighborhood. School shooting have taken place on college campuses and in an Amish school... So it has me thinking this is bigger than a "hood" problem. And I think you're on to something about parents. I also think when the country is at war and we say to are young so loudly and so boldly everyday that if you don't like someone shoot and bomb them before they get you, then... well... I think the violence at home might be a little related to the violence abroad...

I'll keep Cleveland in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

What a shame. What have the parents said? My 3 sons are all grown now, but I can say that even now I can tell when something is wrong. I may not know what is wrong, but I know something is not right. Also, I think some parents think that because their children are no longer in grade school, that parenting stops, or pauses..or something. I was (and still at a different level) involved in the lives of my sons. As a matter of fact, when they were in high school, I was just as busy with them as when they were younger.
I agree with Yasmin. Let's just stop, look and listen......

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