Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's been ages...

I'm such a horrible blog owner...haven't blogged since 2011 and I have no good reason for it.  I have tons to blog about...at least I think I do until it's actually time to do it.  That's when I tinker out, cross it out, or say forget it...maybe it's because I never seem to have any direction for this place.  Do I want to vent?  Share creative stuff?  Gossip?  I'on know and for some reason I think I should know....

Well, today I just don't care.  I'm going to post as my mind wanders...let you inside this Aquarian mind but you must promise that we will remain friends afterwards.  And you have to look me in the eyes and say it like this: "We are still friends and you are not crazy."  Verbatim....yeah  :) 

Scrolling through my mental LONG to-do list, I thought back to the good ole days...the days of this:

Well, back in the days we use to have them folded and pinned to the back of our shirts.  There was NO way a teacher would miss that and not a chance of a kid forgetting.....I SOOOOO want to pin a note to one of my kids shirts just to say I did it.  And they can say they experienced it.


Am I the only one who secretly wishes I can walk into Dave & Busters and play this:

Now say I'm the only one and I will slap you through this screen!  LOL  I can't be...even a little piece of you wished you could play it when you saw this picture.  I'm sure of it.  I see they just released an original version for one of the million systems out and you better believe where there's a will, there's a way...that doesn't involve doing anything irresponsible, but I will get it and the kids and hubby will hate me for it.  :)

Since we're on games temporarily,  am I the only one that still plays this:

You ain't gotta lie, Craig.  You ain't gotta lie!  I play this on the wii and I'm still in love with it.  And before anybody says something about pacman, I got that too!  But you can still get your pacman on practically anywhere nowadays.

On to the next thing...FACEBOOK

Whew...I can do a whole series on FB.  But I'll start and end this one with FB Felons  :)  Really, just 3 questions if anyone can answer them, more power to 'em.

1.  Why do you post pics of yourself smoking weed?
2.  Why do you advertise boosting services?
3.  Why didn't you believe me when I sent you a message saying you were this weeks wanted criminal and sent you a picture of your mugshot that was posted on their page?

You still love me, right? 

Stay peace :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


I've teeter-tottered on whether or not I'd write this for...YEARS! But my how the time flies and things don't change. So I'm just gonna write it, gosh darnit.


There, I said (wrote) it. It's out. I'm sick and tired of people giving me their opinions when I didn't ask for them. It's different when I say, "hey, this is what I'm going through," and then an opinion follows. But when you just downright come out the side of your neck to tell me to do something about MY life, then you just opened the flood gates for my Aquarian ways. Honeys, sarcasm is a second skin on me and just because it's funny, doesn't mean I don't mean it. :) I'm sure I'm not alone. People who mind my business because they feel they can, irk the hell outta me. People who ASSUME I value their unsolicited opinions makes me feel like someone just gave me a wedgie...and no one likes those. The only thing those opinions make me do is stay away from you...cause obviously you don't know jack about me.

Now, nothing has happened of late because I'm in great company. But it has taken a while to get here and before anyone crosses that line again, I wanted this to be known. Everybody has a pet peeve and this is my second. I won't even get into my first because I'm an air sign and sometimes I just don't make sense to people.

And if you're wondering, I don't give an opinion if I am not asked specifically. And actually, if I'm asked specifically, I'm gonna tell you to do what you feel you must do because I'm aware that I don't know ALL of the situation to make a very informed opinion on it. That's just me...take me as I am...flaws and all. :0)

Stay peace!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She Asked Him To What??

Yeah, if you didn't see it, picture this...

Chrissy's not exactly on one knee, but she expresses her love for Jim Jones and asks for his hand in marriage. My first thought: WOW (in my Flavor Flav voice). My second thought: WOW (in my feminist voice). My third thought: fadamn...sigh (in my own voice). By the time the third thought crossed my mind's eye, I realized the negro didn't even respond in the negative nor affirmative. Poor Chrissy....my ass.

Quite a few years ago, I would have given Chrissy a high five, a gone girl, and a hallelujah. But today, all I saw was DESPERATION. IMHO (In my humble opinion), I don't think it's good to ask a man to marry you. Now, my opinion is mirrored by one of my male friends who thinks it's "weird" and prefers the more traditional route of marriage proposals. He wants to be okay with being hitched, wants to propose romantically, and wants it to be the right time. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he would probably ask her parents permission first. I didn't ask him that question but it's on my to-do list (wink). Another (young) male friend also described a woman asking a man to marry him as "weird." I'm gonna say weird is the word of the day for this topic from the male perspective. And I must mention, a few of my brothas didn't even want to answer the question. I guess it was "weird" for them too.

My sista-friends viewed the topic all over the map. One sista, who is recently engaged, stated, "I love my dude more than anything, but if he didn't ask me, there was no way I was asking him. It takes a man to truly search his soul to even ask her the right way. And for a woman to beat him to it...how do you know if he is ready or if you forced it?"

Another sista doesn't think there's anything wrong with a woman asking a man to marry her. She stated, "if you feel that's what you want to do, I don't think it's important who asks. What I think is more important is why you are asking?" This sista made me pause with that question. The only thing I kept repeating to myself was, "why are YOU asking?" See, 'cause I'm still not convinced it's okay. Or may it's not okay for me, as another one of my sistas put it. This may be closer to my truth. No, I don't think it's right for a woman to propose to a man. Yes, I think it's a desperate move. But, do what you do, Boo! I just can't see me doing it.

Now, on to a different perspective that may have very well rounded out my overall opinion. A sista told me that, "I am in no way a timid or docile woman in terms of my behavior in a relationship. But I would never ask a man to marry me. To do that deprives the man of his chase which is something I believe is very important to him. It's a part of his fiber whether he knows it or not." Hmmm BOOM!! What you know about that? I agree with her. Men love ego strokes, and what bigger stroke can he give himself with a marriage proposal, on his terms, and a tear-filled "YES!"

Then I got to wondering....what would ultra-feminist think? Would this be looked at as a symbol of 'yes, we can, as women, do this?' (Punctuation is ALL wrong in that but, it's my blog...lol) Would this be considered one of the 'rights' they'd fight for? I don't know, cause this feminist, I guess, it not that feminist.

As little girls, we are 'fed' the fairytale marriage proposals. When we start getting into a serious relationships where we want to be with that man forever, getting down on one knee isn't in our peripheral. We don't envision choosing the perfect ring for him. We don't think about how to make the perfect proposal to him. But, truthfully, if some of us have thought about it, I'm sure most of us have coward away from it at the very thought of being criticized for asking him first.

Guess I'll be spending the day dialoging about this subject with different people. My hopes? I want to 'feel' a happy medium between it being "weird" and it being "wrong" (cause I don't think I can be convinced that it's alright).

OK! Now for the juicy stuff (if you're a viewer)...

Jim Jones momma was pissed, wasn't she? LOL!! Chrissy better get a bigger bed cause momma is gonna be all up in their business! Do you think she was wrong for being upset about the engagement. And why do I suddenly miss Frankie (Keyshia Coles mother) when I see his momma?? Seeing her also makes me wanna 'phone home' (wink...lol) Things that make you go hmmm...

Fabolous' *iwishedhespelledthisright* girlfriend, Emily, needs to let the negro GO! Not only did he not show up for the family photo shoot, but he didn't even answer the phone when she wanted help calming their son down! Not to mention the stuff we already know, like he doesn't 'claim' her in public. She's just his stylist. Psssh! I wish a negro would. She need to grow some, take her kids, and dip!

Somoya is a hot drama mess. That's all I have to say about her. And the ex G Unit girl is over-rated to me. I can't think of her name either....that's how much matters.

Is Moshonda even really on the show? I know she had her divorce ala Alicia Keys situation going on, but I've only seen her once. What's up with that?

Now, I'm gonna watch the last recorded episode of Mob Wives. I'm SURE I have a blog for that one too! Those birds really need to sit it down...lol

Stay peace!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Don't Want To Lose You T.I.

I don't want to lose you, T.I.
But I think it's time we said badbye
Good-bye implies I'll catch up witcha
Though I really don't see that in the picture....

Ok, so I'm not a rapper, but I've got potential :) Anyway...I've been wanting to speak up on this since it happened. But I didn't have time, until now, to gather my thoughts on the matter. T.I. is one of my favorite rap artists. When the news broke that he was pulled over because the cops smelled weed emanating from his car, I said, "Ooook." But when it was added that there were methamphetamines in the car, I said, "Damn," and sighed. Now, in all my fairness a drug is a drug (for all my peeps in recovery, drug counselors, etc... I get it, I know...lol), and I'm not disputing that, it's just meth, crack and all that 'seems' wayyyy worse than mary jane (I am only human).

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to anyone, but it presented a 'value' issue with me. I know I'm not in contact with T.I. or anything like that, so it's totally superficial at first glance. But I love the artist so much I said, "Self, you take pride in being fair in all situations, so will this new charge T.I. has really stop you from supporting his music?" (Yep, I converse with myself on a regular) Can you say conflicted? And this is why...

1.) I do not condone adults doing ridiculous things. And what he and Tiny (yeah, she played a part in it as well) were into was ridiculous.

2.) After his very engaging show, T.I.'s Road To Redemption, I really thought once he finished his prison sentence, he was going to show us all those things he told us. I was a true T.I. cheerleader. I wanted him to do well. *insert sad face here*

3.) He still runs a camp to help at-risk youth (and I dig that totally!) but has presented the very worse example possible.

4.) He's great with his mouth piece. But how can you not love a man who says things like:

One's ability to change comes with one's wishes to change. If you want to change then you have every opportunity, every ability to. If you want something better for yourself then you set your mind to it and you see it and you do it.
T.I. Jet magazine)

5.) Based on his words, T.I. wasn't ready to change and I don't like being disappointed in such a foolish way. *insert another sad face here...make that a super-sad face*

6.) Where the heck was the 'supervision' in his supervised release? Since T.I.'s been out of prison for 6 months, if someone was on their j-o-b, he should have had at least 3 urine screens. In order to be truly fair, everyone has to play their position, right? I mean, he was banned from possessing controlled substances as a condition of his 'supervised' release. And I may be minimizing what he did by writing this one, but oh, well...I'm still battling with this whole thing.

7.) He's so darn cute when he sings, "You can have whatever you like.." LOL

8.) If he was selling meth (I'm still not clear on the amount found so I don't know if he was using or selling), why be so greedy? Is street credibility that important that you make millions reciting poetry to music, making movies, etc., but still feel the need to hustle dope? Or are you that greedy? Or is it selfishness?

9.) If he was using meth...NEXT!

9.) And what about the responsibilities of fatherhood, husbandhood, brotherhood...

Well, I'm gonna chill out and let the rest of it marinate in merlot-clouded thoughts tonight. Then I'm gonna make my decision. But, my money is funny so it's not looking too good for T.I. People make mistakes, but I can only support those who show they've learned their lesson.

Stay peace

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I L*O*V*E Salvador Dali.

One of my favorites, The Persistence Of Memory (TPOM), continues to pull me in. Reminding me that who I am, and who I need to be isn't the same thing as who I am, and who I want to be. And more importantly, recognizing which one of these roles is important at the time.
(FB Fam, you have to go to poeticgenesis.blogspot.com to view images)
The melting of the clocks, to me, symbolizes time we waste or let slip away. I find myself spending tons of time just looking at this. I can only hope my loose interpretation scratches the surface of its meaning. Especially since I'm a fan of simplicity (though it may not seem that way lol) But it's much deeper, I'm sure. I've also had other thoughts about TPOM. The most pressing continues to be that this represents a dichotomy of sorts. One that invades the culture of today. I like to call it 'the get up and do something' age. Picture this; Layla; a struggling single mother, takes a break while her baby naps. She sits on the couch to catch a little mid-afternoon t.v. A program catches her eye then goes to commercial break.

You too can earn a college degree in four months or less. Yes, four months or less!

She thinks the tv is talking to her then the telephone rings. It's her mom who wants to spend more time with her grandchild and offers to care for the baby anytime of the day. She thinks about it and tells mom the arrangement they have for the weekends is fine for now.

Although this wasn't the best example to have come up with (I really wouldn't entertain a degree offer like this either), it still explores the human condition to waste opportunities. Or maybe even exposes some of our inability to recognize them. What if it symbolizes how we block our own blessings by being complacent? Or maybe it's the exact opposite. What if the sliding time represents blessings given and the stable part represent future blessings...on a life continuum? Are our days really predetermined? Ahhh...what if?

This picture is one of the reasons I stopped wearing watches. Watches on my body are stress producing. I'm constantly checking the time, feeling rushed and sometimes wondering where time went when I wear them. And I don't like that feeling. Now I'll admit that I'm not the most stellar, on-time person. But I'm often the first person where I need to be :) And while I'm there, you have my full and genuine presence, patience, and participation. This picture made me appreciate time and BEING in the moment. And wearing watches takes that away from me.

What if it is exactly that? What if it represents our dis/respect of time? What if it has nothing to do with time and all to do with memories, as the title suggests. Maybe the clocks represent important events in our lives that compose our memories. What if we placed time clocks where we first kissed, graduation, marriage, baby, home, deaths, etc. would that image resemble Dali's? On a larger scale, I would hope. What if it is a reminder to make new memories?

Music isn't the only thing that can be subliminal...

Well...told you I spend a lot of time looking at this. This is a pinch of thoughts I have on it. But it all boils down to reminding me of who I am and who I need to be. I don't know how much time I have left.

What it said to me today was:

Re-flect what you want reflected. Re-evaluate often. Re-educate daily. Re-apply success. Re-purpose experience.

Stay peace

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Spring always makes me feel a certain way. Makes me want to let some things go, allow some things to gain entrance into my life, and re-evaluate those daily constants I face. This Spring has been especially good to me. I've gained a new boss!

Yeah, I said it...

There is a good newness in something like this. And I understand the honeymoon period, but change has never been a big problem for this Aquarian (despite whatcha heard *smile*). With such a newness, I'm allowed to reinvent myself for the better. Break a few bad habits and get back to the better me...ahh motivation. The stagnation of always doing the same thing and expecting different results does a body- and mind - bad. It gives you permission to do mediocre work after so long. Kind of like that 'it's-time-to-make-the-donuts' syndrome and I absolutely HATE that feeling. The truth is, I've allowed it to a certain extent and I will own all that messiness. But when you're so stuck because there is no room for your out-of-the-box thinking, you lose pieces of yourself that make you tick. In essence, you stop being you (for a moment) and begin to conform to the norms of your environment.

Well I'm happy to say that part of me died. No longer will I accept conforming because people feel there is no other way. No longer will I pick up the pieces of another person's puzzle and try to make them fit the way they want them to. If I choose to put it back together, it's going to be in such a way that makes the situation better. It may be different, but prayerfully it's better than it was.

I remember telling a coworker that I was going to act like I didn't know how to do something because the better I did, the more work I was given.... and I was being purely defiant....because I knew I could be. What she told me was something that I continue to hear everytime my ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) starts to ack (yes ack) up.

"No matter how a person treats you, if you are going to help, do it to the best of your ability. Don't allow someone to make you dumb yourself down, you're better than that. And you aren't hurting anyone but yourself."

And she was right. Sometimes you dumb yourself down by going on with business as usual when you need to push life's pause button and change up the game. Especially when you know it's something that should be done and then don't do it. So although this newness is only in one aspect of my life, I'm taking the opportunity to press pause in other areas and roll out on different, better terms to obtain different, better results.

Stay peace!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Women's Writes

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