Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday morning freestyle

I have a summer bug, complete with an extremely sore throat and sinus headache. I figured I'd do something I love and maybe it'll ease the pounding in my head. It probably won't, but it'll leave me with some degree of satisfaction. I'm going to write a poem, making it up at I tap on the keys. Whatever comes up, will come out so feel me...

If it were meant to be
we'd rule the world...
women would rule the world
stamp out violence while at early morning hair appointments
eliminate greed with Asian men pampering our feet
we'd rule the world
with red garter belts full of promises from late night romps
when Mother Nature consumes and syncs us
reminding us that we are much more... PERIOD
soft skinned, full breasted, love handles and all
callin' the shots and ballin' til we fall
ladies... we know how to do it
'cause the fluid that controls our hearts
constantly overflows
we'll allow no man to be without a bowl or a home
we'd swim in affection perfectly lining the curbs
crossing our T's and living our verbs
see what I mean?
war would evolve to be
like having no ham hocks for the black eyed peas
guns would spit messages like Cupid's arrows and controlled by children
killing the ills of whatever soul broke the woman-law
we'd pump fists in solidarity and our land would be clean
equality would exist and would clearly be seen
our kids would be kids
our men would be men
our sanity would be saved and we'd die with smiles on our faces
then placed in vaults surrounded by love
and hope
and satisfaction
...if it were meant to be
women would rule the world...

Stay peace


Jennifer C. said...

Over here at my house women do rule the world. LOL

great freestyle.

feel better soon Afro Queen!

Jamaican Princess...Out!

Poetic Genesis said...

I like the name Afro Queen. That may be my next freestyle... Can I use it? And Jamaican Princess fits

They rule in mine too...but I wish it were WORLD WIDE!!!

Jennifer C. said...

Yes you can use Afro Queen.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I'm feeling this...WOMEN DO NEED TO RULE THE WORLD...we rock and men are afraid of how we would turn it out if we did!

Zetta Brown said...


For an extemporaneous poem--this rocks!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, they're scared of giving us the power. I think we just need to take it. You know we can. Wait til Michelle start running the White


Thanks sis!


Anonymous said...

You always give me much to think on, even more to love and appreciate... SHine on Sistah!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Queen Cilla!


Unknown said...

I hope you feel better!

Love it!!! Love IT!

We will rule the world...or is that today? Life would not continue if we took a day off.

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