Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been TAGGED!!!

Here’s the idea (you can copy this paragraph to use in your post):

I am going to list three categories of books. 5 MUST Read Books, 5 Books on Your Nightstand, and 5 Look For These Soon. Keeping with the theme, I am going to tag at least 5 bloggers. They should put these same lists on their blog but SUBTRACT one book from each list and ADD one of their own. Then they should tag at least 5 more bloggers. It will be fun to see how the lists change as it goes around the blogosphere. Please come back to this post and leave a comment so I can see how the lists are changing as they go around the blogosphere. Since this is Book Buzz…please keep your lists to titles released in 2007-2009.

5 MUST Read Books:
Them by Nathan McCall
Orange Mint and Honey by Carliss Brice
Yellow Moon by Jewell Parker Rhodes
Conception by Kalisha Buckhanon

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Soulja

5 Books on the Nightstand:
Song Yet Sung by James McBride
Pig Candy: Taking My Father South, Taking my Father Home Lise Funderburg
From Harvey River by Lorna Goodison
Trading Dreams at Midnight by Dianne McKinney Whetstone

Still Dirty by Vickie Stringer

5 Look For These Soon:
House at Sugar Beach by Helen Cooper
The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family
Midnight: A Gangster Love Story by Sister Souljah
The Hood Life: A Bentley Manor Tale by Meesha Mink and De'nesha Diamond
Red Light Special by Risque

The bloggers I’m asking to post the lists (and make one book-for-book change to each list if they wish):

Terra Little
The Moody Gemini
Gwenyth Bolton

Don't know who else I can tag!!!


Jennifer C. said...

You didn't pick anything I want to read. How are going to switch? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Darnetta...thanks for participating and I can't believe you haven't read the CWE...10 wet noodle lashes for you...hehe. Oh yeah I'm following the Bently Manor Tales alos...and you'll have to tell me what you think of Still Dirty...oh yeah that's a review book...hehe.
Going to visit the folks you tagged.

Dera Williams said...

Girl, I thought you was down with the screet. LOL

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I loved Orange Mint and Honey and The Coldest Winter Ever is a classic. I can't wait to read Midnight: A Gangster Love Story , The Hood Life and Red Light Special.

And I can't believe you tagged me. LOL. I'll get to it this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Still Dirty last weekend. That book was off the hook. Definately one I would recommend.

I look forward to reading The Hood Life too. I've read Desperate Hoodwives.

Anonymous said...

Yasmin and Dera, I read CWE but I want to read it again before I get the sequel.

Gwyneth, it's all their They tagged everybody else I knew EXCEPT Sowwy and I can't wait to read yours.

Sheila, I'm hoping to get to it by monday. I read Dirty Red and LOVED it so I know this won't disappoint.

JC, You'll read some of them, cause I'm sending you some when I'm

Thanks for stopping by all


Unknown said...

Alrighty then...Tag Complete!

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