Monday, January 14, 2008

No tolerance for dumb things!

When I woke up this morning my husband informed me that Lebron James was going to jail... I said 'HUNH' not Broni (that's my lil nick name for I name all the basketball players). Then he told me the brotha was speeding... okay... so? Then he told me he was doing over 100 mph in a 65 mph zone... I said 'lock his behind up!' While we both know he won't go to jail over this (maybe pay a fine and do some community service), I just can't understand why he 'chose' to drive so fast... I just have no tolerance for dumb things...

Then poor Marion J, lawd have mercy on her and her babies, is wrapped up in check fraud... can't understand it... don't know how she got in that mess, but I'm sure it had to do with a man... leading her into temptation... But why? I'm disappointed... check fraud? I'm clueless... but I have no tolerance for dumb things... No comment on the steroids... even though that's stupid too.

I couldn't be a judge... I'd lock everybody up. Say something stupid... you'd get three to five... Think something stupid (I'm telepathic... no usually it's written all over peoples faces)... you'd get five to ten... Act stupid... you'd get LIFE!

My momma taught me to THINK... she also taught me when to listen and when to speak (a few back-handed slaps drove the message well!) I carry those messages like a schizophrenic hearing voices... they follow me... they guide me... Now I question, would money... fame make them hard to listen to? Or is it we have expectations for celebrities and when they mess up, even if one time, we have to punish them harshly for their mistake? Ion know... all I do know is I have no tolerance for dumb things and as sad as it may be, these two people have been knocked down a notch on my celebrity scale. Their images, for me, will forever be tarnished by their inability to THINK!

stay peace



Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

My tolerance for the dumbness is pretty low also, but my guess is young Broni will for Marion, I don't even know what to say...that whole thing leaves me speechless, what the kids have to understand is that so many times the system builds it up to tear it down, we have to teach them not to buy THE HYPE

mama deep

Shonell Bacon said...

dumb...stupid...BIGGEST PET PEEVE OF MINE. i can't tolerate it. everyone has a brain, and everyone should utilize it to the best of his/her ability. the problem is people are toooooooooooo earthly. they don't take the time to think beyond them and their wants and desires before they do ANYTHING. if both lebron and marion had truly stopped and thought about their situations, thought beyond them, they wouldn't be in the predicament that they are in. it's sad, but sometimes, you gotta learn the hard way.

Poetic Genesis said...

Yes mama! He will learn... we have expectations of him and considering this is a first time, I may give him a And true DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE


Poetic Genesis said...

TOTALLY agree... people are selfish in thought and I believe, as you do, that this is what pushes them to make the wrong decision... it's about the BIG picture, not their minute corner of the world!

Yasmin said...

I've done some dumb things in my life but because I'm not a celebrity and don't plan to run for public office no one will probably ever hear about them unless I decide to divulge them on my deathbed. they most they will also mature.

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