Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woman's Freedom Cry

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Woman's Freedom Cry

I am a woman
which means sometimes I'll blow shit outta proportion
according to you
try to control all that you do

I am a woman
which means that I'm semi-sensitive
giving in to situations
meant to live in this world
black faced
laced with lies and undeveloped cries
only to be told it's not lady-like to have my own opinion
and I'm sitting in a state of paranoia
trying to figure out who I have to take care of
myself excluded
eluded by television and radio
that tells me the ratio of black women to success
is 1 in 1000
and I'm providing housing to the next three generations

I have temptations too
to run
to leave
to bleach my skin lily white for a fair fight
to run
to leave
to straighten, dye, and fry my hair to blend in
winning stares from all men alike
but no
I fight a black woman's fight

I am a woman
which means that no man could ever understand my struggle
I must hold him and the world
yet deny myself
my wealth placed in what I could do for another
but this other has no obligation to me
He doesn't sweat my sweat
hell, he barely rubs my feet
but he's the first to laugh
under my demise and defeat
He's the first to stare
care enough to say I told you so
and turn his back on what nurtured his soul

This shit is getting real old

I am a woman
which means my anger doesn't come from being black
it comes from my brothas sitting on their black asses
and when the situation arise
refuse to take my side
refuse to understand sacrifice
rather lace up some weed
than help provide for his seed
rather run and drink with his boys
than be annoyed by my whining behind
you still expect me to be a strong woman...

That I am
because I've learned that I've long earned my spot in heaven
and regardless of what you might do
ultimately you live for you
so I gotta live for me
and if that means leaving your ass hungry a couple days out the week
if that means making you wash your own clothes
cause, brothas it's time
it's time for me to shine
to let my nappy fro grow
and not worry about your fingers getting caught in my tangles
to walk around in wood carved bangles
and clothes that are comfortable
to burn my bras
and let nature take its course
to divorce myself from self-sacrifice
and roll the die of life...twice
unlearn what I've been miseducated about
and shout at the top of my lungs


and let it be known...

By: D.J. Frazier


Jennifer C. said...

WoW!!! I like this. It's powerful stuff.

Poetic Genesis said...

Thanks! Did you check the banner...want one? Let me know

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Powerful, and Love Your Voice!


Anonymous said...

Thanks mama deep! I have a love hate relationship with my times it's too harsh, but I can't help To me, it's always sounds like I'm just waking



Yasmin said...

Nice sis...but you already know what I think. Go head and spit sis...

Dee said...

that's what's up... wow! so stong... go 'head sis!

Jennifer C. said...

I did like the banner...when can I get one? please and thank you. Luv Sis

Shonell Bacon said...

this is a passionate piece, girl. it's's real.

Unknown said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

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