Thursday, April 3, 2008


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She slowly removes her 5T jeans

while he coaches away her innocence

She tells him yes when her eyes open wide

and never breaks her stare

she wonders why he has wrinkles on his hands

There is no capacity for her to understand how she is capturing mental stills that will later invade her sanity

When she finally realizes it’s not right,

it’s too late

And when he places his hands over her flat chest

He feels no wrong

He feels new, special… wanted

He even feels truth

She feels something indescribable

But ‘something’ none-the-less

That something makes her want her mother to put him in time-out

Though she does not know why

With arms above her head, she said yes when she allows him to remove her shirt

When the pastel, pink fabric hit the floor

The deed is done and she can’t back out

Especially since he promised her they’d watch Dora the Explorer after they finish his ‘game’

Saying yes when she steps out of her Wednesday embroidered panties

reeking of youth

and the need for protection,

he holds her baby-fat body close to him

and whispers into her ear

causing her to chuckle at his knock-knock joke

All the while he wonders why ‘this one’ had been a hard catch

He’s sick and he needs company

In his misery

By: D.J. Frazier

Mamas taught their kids to beware of strangers. Mamas need to teach their kids to beware of everyone. Children are usually sexually abused by people they know. Do some research, but with keen eyes and an open mind, you can spot the onset of the cycle an abuser uses. Pay particularly close to people who seem to always surround themselves with children. Pay attention to the manners in which they touch your children. There is a grooming process where the perps will touch children often enough (on the shoulder, arm, spinal area, etc.) so they will become comfortable with the 'feel'. To an adult and depending on the environment, such gestures are often disregarded.

Remember, these people will be where kids are; parks, baseball games, back yard bbq's, restaurants catered to children, daycare centers (yes), etc. Who doesn't hug kids? Who doesn't rub a child's back when they've fallen and hurt themselves? How many times have we seen images of Little League coaches with their hands planted on a child's shoulder while speaking to them?

Once they are satisfied with the child's reaction, they test the limits and will graduate to things like placing their hands on the child's knees, or other areas, that are not frequently touched by people other than themselves. The child may feel some sense of wrong, but they trust this person...most times, so do the parents. The grooming period lasts until the child, the parents, and the community, are comfortable enough with seeing Mr/Mrs/Ms XYZ play with, supervise, teach, etc. children.

This is just a smidgen of the cycle. The description above is typical of a certain type of perp. These individuals are usually sexually abusing kids for years.

I didn't plan this post like this. I just wanted to share a lil poetry, but something made me continue to write. I feel that we are a 'fast' world. A world where we see child sexual abuse as an act and not a process. While I'm not denying it's an act, I'm more aware of it being a process as well. Hopefully some ONE will see it this way, too.

Do some research, share links, comments, and this message:
Confronting child sexual abuse with courage
Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on child sexual abuse

Those are good starts and have helpful resources.

Stay peace,



Jennifer C. said...

I to stay these preps don't only come in adult size bodies, they come in children form as well. I know this for certain. Check to see if your child's behavior has changed in a negative way at all. If for some reason they seem angry or withdrawn, talk to them, some thing has happened.

Genesis: the poem was great, and the commentary was even better. Let them know.

Yasmin said...

Wow Genesis...thanks for sharing...and yes as parents we need to be ever vigilant about the adults in our kids lives...esp. family members unfortunately like Uncle Chester the Molester. ;(

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

my lovely daughter born to another mother, I love this and as you know you are singing my song, We must protect our young...BEAUTIFUL!

angelia, mama deep

Shonell Bacon said...

the poem was eerily beautiful...and rings so true. i love that your love of poetry and this topics sparked you to continue writing. people need to be made aware of this issue and of the cause that lead to the event. yes, to have a child molested is a horrific thing, but what's even worse is not learning from the event and its process in order to prevent it from reoccurring.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Keep up the good words and the good work.

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