Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Listen to the babies

Press play, then read what the babies are saying...


Ain’t no daddies where I’m from it’s just mad mothers
And eyes that still seem they can’t look past color
Why am I disrespected by someone I should call brother
And why girls feel unpretty and constantly hate each other
Bad air in my lungs, man I can’t breathe
My eyes burnin’ from all the dirt and the debris
And it’s third degree, I’m motionless on the scene
It’s like a disease the way ya’ll killin’ me

I’m sixteen and I shouldn’t have to feel like this
I’m sixteen every young boy out here want to kiss
I’m sixteen and me and my mama going through it
I’m sixteen on the block, sixteen on the block
I’m sixteen at war (6)
I’m sixteen on the block, sixteen on the block

Around here cool is another word for fool
If he smoke, then she smoke, I gotta smoke too
Now what would I do if I didn’t have a clue
I’m sixteen y.o., asking God oh why oh
If my clothes ain’t tight, then he ain’t gon’ like me
Eyes on the prize so the next girl dress just like me
I’m so full of promise but why promise
If I’ma just be rewarded by bad actions
To him I’m just a transaction


I want you to love my mind, my smile, my style
I want you to know the best of me
I want to belong without being treated like property
Why does it seem like fantasy?

They speak loudly and clearly... there wouldn't be Mother's Day without them.


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Stay peace

16 at War by Karina Pasian
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Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

WE had better listen to the babies...


Jennifer C. said...

Those girls were awesome. I will share this with my 11yo.

'Cilla said...

Wonderful..... Listening and hearing

You are awesome!! :-)


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