Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We've Got To Do Better: Hot Ghetto Mess....hmmm

We did it again!

We, or rather BET, has found another way to perpetuate the media's take on ridiculousness! Even though Hot Ghetto Mess claims to lie under the pretenses of the slogan 'We've got to do better', it still serves as a vehicle to air and make fun of the less than desired folk; US.

Charlie Murphy (Eddie's brother)

It's just hard for me to accept that this show is actually an attempt to encourage people on how NOT to act. I find it purely entertaining. It's not family friendly, at all (unless you call seeing a crack head say 'I suck a little di** and smoke a little crack, family oriented). They mostly portray THE African American. I mean, really, they should have just coined a minstrel show!

The shows idea hails from the website where patrons of the site are asked to submit 'wild and crazy' videos/pictures. Now who, in their right mind....aww forget it.

My issue with the show is that I want them to be real. This isn't to discourage 'ghetto' behavior. It's a show meant to highlight some dumb shit people have done! So STOP badgering me over the head with 'WE'VE GOT TO DO BETTER' and make me laugh damnit!


Shonell Bacon said...

i'd prefer it not be on air, period instead of them making someone laugh. we have enough mess around that perpetuates these ideas about us; we don't need yet another show to illustrate those things. what bet needs (and hell other networks, too) are well-written, crafted shows and not all this reality mess.

Poetic Genesis said...

I can feel that! I'm a reality t.v. junky though.

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