Sunday, November 9, 2008

5+2=7 But that doesn't make any sense....

My son came to me wide-eyed and jittery. As he held up two wiggly fingers on one hand and five on the other, he said, "Mommy, two plus five equals seven. And four plus three equals seven. But that doesn't make any sense." I couldn't tell if he was excited or confused, but I'm guessing it was a bit of both. "Baby, there are many ways to add things up to equal seven. And there are many ways you can subtract things from each other that equal seven. There is more than one way to get all numbers."

Even though he said, "Ok," I know this was not enough for him. But he scampered away holding up seven fingers and shaking his head. His innocent, six year-old thoughts gave me pause. How old was I when I realized there was more to reality than my perspective? When will he realize this?

He's at a stage in life where, though he recognizes black and white, grey doesn't exist. Either you're good or bad...right or wrong.

His perception made me think about a question my husband asked me before Obama became our President-elect; How can we tell our son Obama didn't win?

With such immature rationale, how would I have been able to tell him that without answering why questions in a way he'd understand? How would I have been able to show him that collectively, we can do ALL things under Christ? What would my proof have been? I can't put up fingers and 'show' him why Obama lost.

Not only will I not have to answer these questions (though I'm sure there are many tough questions to be answered), I will not have to prematurely cloud my six year old's mind with other perceptions he won't understand...yet.

But what he did understand was Obama was the only way to go. One day, he'll understand that since we've had our 'Obama' moment, there has to be many more ways that will equal (and surpass) the perception of our people and our nation. But it's up to us, it's up to our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters... we make up this nation and it's only fair that we are represented.

So be mindful of where your children are mentally. Listen to what they know so you can build upon it; make it better. But don't wait. Today is the day. The older they get, the easier it will be for television, radio, internet, and their just-as-naive friends to infiltrate their thoughts and distort reality and for whose greater good?

Happy Sunday!

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