Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5...what was that u said?

This Thursday I chose to list 13 words people say that make me want to fight them

1. mouf for mouth
2. munf for month
3. teef for teeth
4. burf for birth
5. Egglanta for Atlanta (sorry mommy, but you know this URKS me!!)
6. liberry for library
7. Walmark for Walmart
8. fewt for fruit
9. ainchus for anxious
10. aks for ask
11. excape for escape
12. conversate instead of converse
13. perscription for prescription

And just for kicks I'm going to add two more: prolly/probly for probably and excetera for et cetera

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Jennifer C. said...

you need mental help for thinking this up. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and likeded for liked or like.
does for done

Paige Tyler said...

I so agree!


My TT is at

E.R. Carpenter said...

How about these:

pacific for specific
scrimp for shrimp
wallermella for watermelon
sgetti for spagetti
every for ever (as in ever since...)

Anonymous said...

Good list. I would like to add "magnum" for "magnet."

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