Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4...R.I.P

Since today is a day for paying respects to those who lost their lives seven years ago, I decided to pay respect to 13 celebrities that I've loved and lost. Rest in peace...

1. Bernie Mac

2. Aaliyah

3. Issac Hayes

4. Estelle Getty

5. Sean Levert

6. Heath Ledger

7. Pimp C (of UGK)

8. Tupac

9. Biggie

10. John Ritter

11. Anna Nicole Smith

12. Tim Russert

13. Eazy E

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Shonell Bacon said...

Pimp C was the only one I didn't know of before his death...I practically remember the day that each of these people were taken away...Tupac more than the others because he died on my b'day, :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey ChickLitGurrl

I had just gotten into Pimp C about a year before he died. My husband was a huge fan. I, like you, remember each death just as clear as day. Eazy E's hit me the hardest. The first celebrity AIDS death of my time. Then Aaliyah and Bernie Mac were equally as hard on me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Dera Williams said...

Hey Darnetta, the only one I didn't get was Anna Nicole Smith. LOL. Now what did she do besides marry an old, rich man? Was she in any movies or what? My daughter and I love some Estelle Getty as Sophia on the Golden Girls.
When she was in middle school, my daughter ran in the room and said, Mommy Eazy E died? I said Who? That's when I learned all about Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and NWA. Memories

Anonymous said...

I LIKE how you turned this upside down on 9/ list of deceased included many on your list as well as Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Ed Bradley...dayum that was one good looking black man! But you know the ones that really hit me hard...watching friends and favorite family members die...but the friends just remind me that we're all middle aged and we might not all make it to our 70s, 80s, 90s...sigh.

Jennifer C. said...

So many have gone on. The sad thing is Aaliyah died the August before September 11th. Then Left eye was right behind that or about the same time. Too many deaths in such little time.

R.I.P to all. You are truly missed.

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