Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mommy News

The last two weeks have been full of emotional things for me. Here are a few of my highest-highs.

My daughter, left, and my sister, right, are officially high school students. Their eighth grade promotion was last week and they are very excited about going to the big

I had on 4in wedges because I wasn't gonna let these lil kids just tower over me like that! My sister is actually taller than I am.

These are my men-children and we were attending my eldest son's kindergarten promotion. I don't think my youngest liked that he wasn't the center of attention. My baby received all of the honors; perfect attendance, citizenship, most outstanding student, and honor roll. Those are the four pinned to him (the green one is hiding, trust me there are His paper awards were numerous as well, but I won't get into that.

Did I mention he was killing 'em in his oatmeal linen suit? Give my baby a crowd to speak in front of any

My husband was given the Very Important Parent award. Did I feel cheated after all the fundraisers and events I've been a part of? Nope. I was proud to have my man standing there among all of the mothers. Real fathers deserve to get their shine on too!

The lady that I circled in the pic was my daughter's kindergarten teacher years ago

What recent mommy or daddy news would you like to share?


Yasmin said...

This is AWESOME...okay as for me does it count that I haven't killed either of my kids yet...QQ...LOL...I'm just saying...okay Paul took the SATs yesterday and told me it was a PIECE OF CAKE...okay I know he's smart but hmmm show me the scores
Lauren made the honor roll and wants me to man up her money for all the As she got...I told her first I've got to see the report card...they mail the last one and we don't have it we shall see.

Poetic Genesis said...

Hey Yas! I would say that

Oh so Paul just got it like that huh? Good for him!

I know that's right. Lauren said 'show her the money' Congrats to her!

And you are doing a great job with them Yasmin. Keep it up sis!

Yasmin said...


Unknown said...

Go ahead Ma! You and your fam are doing it! Little man is holding the mic like he knows what is what. A star in the making.

Be blessed.

Jennifer C. said...

My three kids are still alive. My youngest survived his first ever plane trip.

My daughter was on the honor roll and had perfect attendance. They both, the school bound two of the three passed their CRCT test. And have been promoted to the next grade.

As for my son he has perfect attendance and some sort of award for always trying and never giving up. Can't remember the name at this moment.

I'm not in jail, so I would say we are doing great.

To all the parents congrats on raising some wonderful and smart children.

Lena said...

That is special. I feel guilty because I haven't publized Todd getting the Best Citizenship Award for fourth grade yet. I was so touched when she called his name because she described the person that was getting it prior to saying his name and I just kept saying to myself, "It's going to be Todd" and it was! He was non-chalant at first because he didn't get what the big deal was!

Nia - well she just called me from 6 Flags Over Georgia to tell me that she rode The Goliath which is something she said she would never do. That's my daughter.

Lena said...

I love that linen suit Lil Man is rockin. Tell him he is oh so handsome to me, I love a well-dressed little man.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Wow,what beautiful children...from a beautiful line...and that linen suit...reminds me of my all are so lovely! BTW my men are gone, grown and self supporting WHEE!!!


'Cilla said...

Your Family is Beautiful.... and your little Sister is awesome also! The Creator has truely Blessed you.

As for me... I was very upset that the MIT did not do well on his final exams. But his grades for the year may allow him to be promoted.. I told him he has to man up and accept his responsiblilty. Keep us in prayer


msyonnie said...

I must say this is my first time on your blog and i've enjoyed it so i will be adding it to my favorites. Your kids are beautiful and congrads to your hubby that made me as a single mother proud. Seeing your little boy receive all those awards made me really realize i have to step my game up academically with my youngest so she can feel more proud of herself, my oldest knocks it out the box every semester, however they started a new suburban school in november so its been a challenge for the youngest but i told her we'll mos def get em next year! Thanks for sharing your childrens acheivements!

Shonell Bacon said...

MAJOR, MAJOR PROPS TO YOUR HUBBY. Girl, that made my day to see him up there with the mommies! :-)

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