Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As is the mother...

APOOO is hosting Every Day is Mother's Day for the month of May, and it is with much gratitude that I am allowed to present to you the most wonderful woman in my life; my mommy. I'm blessed to have a mother who makes me feel rich, empowered, and loved. She also makes some mean rice pudding (HINT! HINT!).

Thank you APOOO for honoring mothers.

Thank you mommy for being you and encouraging me to be me. I love you!

Thank you, my friends, for stopping by and please leave a comment. Tell me what the 'bestest' dish your mom (or other mother) makes or just let me know you stopped by.

Created by D.J. Frazier


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Very, Very nice and you look so beautiful!

mama deep

'Cilla said...

Sis... you made me cry. BEAUTIFUL

Lena said...

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing. I hope to make my kids as proud of me as you are of your mommy! That is my goal.

Jennifer C. said...

I told you liked it when you first shared it with me and I still like it today.

Hey Angelia, that's not Darnetta it's her mom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angelia! That's my

Thanks Cilla! Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks Lena! I'm sure your kids will feel that way about you.

Thanks, again, JC! You know how I


Yasmin said...

Hey Darnetta...and you know I loved this tribute since day one...and it was very creatively done...YGG with yo bad self.
Thanks so much for participating and I know your mom is cheesing for days!

Dera Williams said...

Darnetta, I had tears in my eyes. You are so talented. I know your mother loved this. I'm still waiting for you to show me how you do the great things with the blog.

Poetic Genesis said...

Thanks Yasmin

You know I'm no joke when it comes to my mommy. I love her to That's why I jumped on the opportunity to show others one of my blessings.

Anonymous said...

Your way with words is outstanding!
beautifully done

Poetic Genesis said...

Hey Dera

I'm glad you were touched!

You got that. Let me know what you want to do and I'll tell you. I love

Thanks for stopping through

Poetic Genesis said...

Thank you Julia, that really means alot!

Shonell Bacon said...

mothers ARE rare, girl! this is a beautiful piece. your mom would be honored to read this and know how much you love her.

Carleen Brice said...

Just lovely.

My favorite meal my mom made was baked chicken and Stove Top stuffing. LOL!

Terri W said...

Way to represent your Mommy!


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