Saturday, September 22, 2007

Introduction to the Theorems...on THAT level

Introduction to the Theorems

The musings of a distorted mind are beyond fascinating. It takes a sincere, open individual to appreciate its’ knowledge. It takes an individual in tune with their mental and physical capacities to incorporate these theorems into their lives. There is a difference between these two types of people…

The sincere, open person will read the theorems, validate its point for the sake of it being someone’s view and place it on a shelf for weekly dusting…wasting away. The person in tune with themselves and know their truths, are those that will research and practice the theorems, tweak and apply them to their lives. They will also recommend them to friends. These are the people I want to read ‘Theorems’.

Because of the recommendation, the friends are bound to have a discussion. Dissecting each piece and finding out more about themselves in the process. During the debate, which I am sure it will turn into, each side will want to be right. Being right involves validation of fact. ‘Theorems’ may not be that ‘fact’, but I’m sure it will initiate the dialogue that will find the ‘fact’. That’s my sole purpose.

So grab a fat friend for a book buddy and check your conventional way of thinking at the gate!

Stop Lying!

Have you ever thought it best not to say anything if it were negative? Has someone ever asked you for your ‘honest’ opinion and you still lied?

Yes…telling your girl her pants were fine when you saw how the zipper refused to stay…zipped, is a lie. So what she’s a little overweight! Why would you allow her to walk around exposed and ultimately embarrassed? To protect her feelings? Lets be real…you were protecting your feelings…inadequate feelings of confirming your friend’s struggle with her weight. But…you lied. Denying powerful emotions (energy…in motion--Tyra rocks!) to guide the situation where it needs to go.

Look at it like this…Sista-girl knows she’s thick but first impressions are sometimes the only impressions.

Theorem: Think about it…and stop lying!


Jennifer C. said...

Every time anyone ask me for my opinion I ask do you want my straight up no chaser added opinion or do you want some sugar on top. Which ever they pick tells me how to tell them. But I am blunt with my answers and I usually upset someone by it. To many aren't like me, but I am fine with that.

Erin O'Brien said...

It's no lie that you are beautiful.


Poetic Genesis said...

Hey JC

People will often get upset when told the truth...I don't know what it is, but they

Hey Erin

Thanks for stopping buy...Read about the shitbag that stole your hat! Loved the article...and you are beautiful as well!

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