Saturday, September 1, 2007

Genesis is.....(poem)

I was on my page on (it's on my blogroll) and realized that the reason I had never completed the 'about me' section because I just couldn't......

I know that people find talking about themselves easy, but I don't. Nor do I find it fun. Surprising hunh? Shouldn't be.

I've told many people about things I like and don't like, or what I would or wouldn't do...and I know you're asking 'well those things are about you, right' but, in essence, it's not. Not for me anyway....

Take a look...I created this in my little 'about me' section. Sitting for 5 minutes, staring at a blank template....then words began to cross the screen.....

I am the beginning....

A few someones I've birthed
baby fresh whimpers
new angelical vessels....His vessels
glory they be!

I am the beginning....

the spark before flame
the idea preceding action
the conflict of males
yet the necessity of life
procreation--that is

I am the harborer of secrets
my children, and sista-friends, and cousins tell
I am the healer of scrapes and bumps and heartbreaks and bruised egos
I am the devoted daughter of a King and Queen
--anxiously awaiting my time on the throne yet will mourn it's arrival, simultaneously.....

I am the beginning, and conversely the ending, of everything

Five minutes later, I had partially defined myself and could have gone on but....well, it just stopped I assumed it was over.

So this blog today, is a little lesson....about me

Ask me specific questions.....if you ask me to tell you about myself and don't receive a response, check out some of my web'd know 'something' about me...if you read them....then we'll have the makings of a good conversation

If you call me and I don't answer....for days...I'm probably feel 'me' out at that moment--it may not be a good day and I may hate the world at that you wouldn't want to talk to me anyway....I'm kinda saving you some grief too

I don't really care what people say but I watch what they do....that's how I determine their character and their position in my life

That's just a little Saturday knowledge on me. The jets and mess are practicing for the air show and it's driving my baby crazy...."scared of airplaaaanes," he cries. So mothering calls, I have to comfort him. Have a nice, long weekend! REALLY relax for a change.

Stay peace



Jennifer C. said...

The Genesis I know is a complicated type of woman, so this does not surprise me. You probably have talents that you can't even remember you have, just because you don't store useless information. If it makes some dollars you keep it near. But itt is always good to look deep within one to get to really know them. You are a blessing and you need to get you baby some ear plugs.

Poetic Genesis said...

Dang...I'm all about the benjamins

Thanks girl! He is flipping Even as I type!

I hate the coming soon!

Dave Hanley said...

Thanks for mentioning Shelfari (even if it's just a little mention at the beginning of the post). :)

At any rate, we just launched a new blog widget at

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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