Sunday, August 10, 2008

Call for Authors

New WeBlog Alert!!

The upcoming Wednesdays & Fridays Blog’s main objective is to spotlight YOU

Authors, published and unpublished, who are ready to get their shine on

Who Are You Wednesdays will peek inside the minds of authors who have crossed the publishing threshold, offering information about their books, and give something back to the writing universe by providing valuable insight into this exciting realm.

Ready to Publish Fridays will feature authors who have complete, submission-ready manuscripts and would like to showcase their talent with the pen. These interviews will spotlight the challenging roads traveled and explore unearthed knowledge digested while trying to navigate the seas of the unpublished writer.

No worries. Our intent is not to have your story ideas stolen. Unpublished author's interviews will tap into the mind of the writer and give readers a chance to get to know you before you start gracing literary charts!

We consider all writing genres, including poetry and graphic novels. Wednesdays & Fridays Blog is home for all writers and one of the few places where writing is writing…period. It is a place where published and unpublished authors converse.

Wednesdays & Fridays Blog wants to interview any author who meets the following criteria:

Must be traditionally or self published
Must have a complete, submission-ready manuscript and never been published

All email inquiries will receive a response within three (3) days of request. Our response will include a deadline for interview answers to be received usually not exceeding seven (7) days, including weekends.

If you would like to be featured on the Wednesdays & Fridays Blog, email the correct address below for consideration.

Published authors email JC Martin at
Unpublished authors email DJ Frazier (genesis) at


Unknown said...

Love your love for authors...published & unpublished.

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