Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh so relaxing...

What a lot of people don't know about me is that I have great admiration for natural things. Not particularly natural foods or the like, but the basics of nature. The way the wind sounds when rustling a tree's leaves, bird chirps, the way lightening bugs illuminate space at night, and...just about anything that occurs naturally...without effort. Those things that just are, because they are...

I recently spent a few days in Hocking Hills (Logan, Ohio) and had my way with nature. My husband and I visited Cedar Falls, which compared to what I've seen before amounted more to Cedar Trickle, but it was still beautiful. Here are a few pics I took:

My chocolate Ty

The way the sun highlighted the rocks was gorgeous!

Me (of course)

Cedar Falls

Gotta appreciate a good water pic!

Afterwards, we made our way up the road to Ash Cave. Though the cave wasn't what I expected, I still appreciated it in all it's man-made glory.

The wooden stairs to the cave seemed to never end

Yes, that's more water

Looking up from inside the cave almost made me dizzy

My baby taking in all the glory

Neatly tucked away in this picture is a deer we encountered. My husband called me a punk because I was about to take off when I saw it. I love nature, but I'm smart enough to realize when I'm not a part of the home team, kwim?

And this was our little home away from home. It's called A Stones Throw

That hot tube got a nice work out!

Sitting area where we drank and talked until we slurred (and played Playstation 2 games for as long as we wanted!)

One of the three bedrooms we had (would have posted a pic of our room, but we couldn't make the bed

Full kitchen where we prepared each other lovely dinners

Partial view of the front yard

The well house (yes, they use well water...we were in the If you look close enough, the sign above the door says HOE HOUSE. Pretty funny since historically outhouses were once used by prostitutes and their johns to do their business.

So this ends the part of the trip I'm willing the share. The rest will be between Tyrone, me, and that bomb azz hot tube ;)~

BTW...this was our eighth anniversary trip...big feat for a young couple. We don't have very many married friends, or friends whose marriages lasted longer than a hiccup. This trip went back in time for us. Our very first date was...yup, you guessed it, in the woods. I loves me some's natural.

Stay peace



Anonymous said...

Nice...and hmmm that bomb azz hot tube...oh

Jennifer C. said...

I saw the deer in that picture. I guess it's because I see them all the time in my backyard.

I'm glad you had a nice time. Happy Anniversary!! I love those water pictures.

We were destined to be good friends, your anniversary is seven days before mine. Girl we can show them love conquers all I've been with my husband long than a hiccup. So even though we are of few it sure does feel good to be in love.

Tell Ty I said Happy Anniversary to him as well because it takes two to keep it going.

Unknown said...

Sis...Congrats on your 8th Anniversary!!! I am so proud to hear of couples lasting. So rear as you stated. I loved the pics. I enjoy nature too! My cuz & I went on a nature hike a couple of hours before I left Hawaii. It wore me out but it was worth it! Such beauty!

Enjoy your life & man!

Dera Williams said...

Dartnetta, this is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing; the photos are great--I didn't know you were such a good photographer. You are quite the renaissance woman. The vacation sounds like a dream and a getaway retreat to calm the nerves and slow things down. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Yup, ohh that hot tube. We were in it in the rain...the didn't even matter to

Yes we were gurl! And you know we have to do a couples get away one year since our anniversaries are so close together.

I bet the hike was fun. I was wore out after our little

Thanks sis! Yeah, I love taking pictures. It was a great way to slow things down. I'm thinking about going more often. You never appreciate peace until you don't have it as


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,

I'm glad you and Tyrone had a wonderful time at the Hills. But I was even more happy to see y'all come home(just kidding)! Happy Anniversary! Tell Tyrone Lisa (the iguana) said he dropped her..BAD UNCLE!!! Love you and I'll talk to you later.

Ms. Ella-Latrice

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey EL!!!

You know I don't care if he dropped that Iguana on it's head...but I'll give him the message...just kidding. No seriously, I'll let Tyrone know, but I was serious about the creepy thing called And if you try to beat me up, I'ma tell daddy ;)

Mama Deep



Mutlifaceted Michelle said...

Beautiful pics! Hocking Hills is a beautiful place...I went to school right down the road from there...

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