Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check Yo Self Thursday (1.31.08)

You know... I had to check myself because I realized that I start shit at the WRONG time...yup, I admit it... I do it quite frequently.

Case in point... at the stroke of midnight, on my birthday, I woke my husband up to ask him about something I had no business looking at in the first place... yup, I admit that too... but curiosity is a wild thing and my impulsiveness... is even worse. Needless to say, for my birthday... I got cussed out at 7 in the morning... I wasn't mad about it... I deserved it... but it didn't ruin my day... plus I was born at 4:32 p.m. so it wasn't officially my day... yet

So I'm going to practice patience... and listen to that lil bitty voice that tells me to think before I speak or think before I wake-up a black man over some b.s. that really isn't important.

Damn... I'm checking myself HARD... cause I hurt his feelings and interrupted his sleep... causing him to be late to work... lesson learned.

What did you have to check this week?


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I think I am going unchecked this week...a sister needs a check free week...I am giving myself a pass...

mama deep

Jennifer C. said...

My reason to check myself this week is a little silly but can be serious. I need to check myself on my current eating habit. Yesterday, I ate one chicken wing for the entire day. When ever I work a job, I always can never find time to eat during the day, and by the time I get home I'm too tired and it is too damn late.

So I need to make a more valiant effort to eat better, especially while working a high stress job.

Yasmin said...

oooh baby gurl you were on the warpath!!! Hehe.
Okay I guess I should check myself for getting sassy with my chief of staff in a meeting today. She wanted something--which could not be accomplished--by tomorrow.
I told her I DON'T THINK SO...rotflmao...hmmmm by now she should know how I roll. I'm direct, straightforward and do not believe in shooting from the need
I guess I should apologize but hmmm...I 'on know...I meant what I said. LOL.

Poetic Genesis said...

mama deep

LOL @ you.... yeah, you can have a bye week

You betta eat girl! Food=Energy and you need Energy for your kids

Say what you mean and mean what you say and if that's true for you situation, then no apologies needed. Now if you think you said it in a way that was unnecessary, then you can apologize for your tone but hey... ion know

Unknown said...

My check for the week is stepping back from telling my family what to do. Sounds strange but true. I am what you could call Crisis Management for the clan. But I made a promise to myself to take 15 steps back and let them find the answer themselves. Had to catch myself earlier this week. Went into crisis mode and started fixing the said what the heck am I doing?

I am checked. Of course I have a saying on my fridge to remind me of my 15 steps back. :)

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