Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Anxiously Await 2008

So many lessons learned in 2007. Some would say they were bad events, I just call them challenges. All of the struggling, I know for sure, is for the good that is to come in 2008. The one thing I learned, and preached but had not practiced, is planning. I fell short. Planning a few things and leaving others to umm... destiny, when they shouldn't have be left there. I know better now.

Things I've prayed for have come to fruition... not in the way I wanted them to come... but they're here and I must embrace them... though differently, but embrace them still the same. Just to give you an example of what I mean... I prayed for more time to devote to writing... then I was laid off, in June... and I wrote and still write. I prayed to be able to go back to school... graduate school... found out that I could apply to the city for funding... yes free money... but it didn't cover graduate studies... got the money and attended a technical school... am now a PC Specialist... finished the 14 week program in 4 weeks... cause I'm a nerd and serious about my shit (Thanks Ms. Badu, that's the best line ever!).

But you see, I'm not scared of a little struggling or even a lot of it. Cause then things are right, they are REAL right and I can't accept the good without a little of the other.

Stay peace and focused


Jennifer C. said...

You just don't even know how this speaks of my life. Struggling, but it's all good. Happy for all your ducks lining up.

Shonell Bacon said...

i definitely feel these sentiments; a lot of wonderful things have happened to me, mainly thanks to my return to the church, but there were a lot of obstacles and struggles that hurt me, that will no doubt come into 2008 with me; however, because i made it through them now, i know that i can make it through the storms that will come in 2008....

and planning is most DEFINITELY the key!

love you, girl, *hugs*

Yasmin said...

Baby sis...2008 is going to be your year...I'm so proud of you and I think I might have an opportunity for you...let me work out some bugs first and then I hope to be in touch with you in the New Year!
I love you and wish nothing but the best for you!

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